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Get What You Want from Your Web Users

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In order for you to do this, you first need to know exactly what you want. Do you want your visitors to have a certain type of experience? Do you want them to purchase something online? Do you want to drive them to your social media accounts or to an altogether different site?

There are a lot of different goals for website owners, and depending on which one applies, different tools, apps, and strategies should be employed to accomplish the goals.

Ideally, this all begins when you plan and design your website. That way, you can customize your website around the stated goals and objectives.

If you already have a website, however, and are not in line for a re-design, take heart-you still have lots of options. The best way to communicate new ideas to your audience is by freshening up your content. You can edit your main pages, create new pages, and post on your blog or social media platforms.

Once you have a plan in place, then you follow up and see how it works. A great way to do this is by examining your analytics. What pages are working? At what point are you losing engagement? If you have online commerce, how many of your customers are abandoning their carts? (And what can be done about it?)

As with most things, you get out what you put into it, and there is a lot of data available. Remember to prioritize the most important goals so that you don't misuse your precious time on inconsequential details. You have to nail the big stuff first. And once you get rolling, your business should see that all-important boost in the right direction.