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Can I Make My Current Website Responsive?

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We get this question all the time. And I guess the real answer is "yes," but only in the same sense that your auto mechanic can fix your totaled car if you pay twice what it would cost to replace it with a new one.

Most of the time, there's just no good reason to do it. In an industry where technology changes the landscape in the blink of an eye, it's always better to start from scratch with the latest version of a popular platform and a design that can take advantage of 2014 aesthetics and technical possibilities.

Responsive websites allow users to access your website, no matter what device they may be utilizing. Whether it's a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, your site will always be ready and look its best.

Letting go of an old website can be scary for customers. For many, it means leaving a comfort zone and placing trust in a design company to create a new and improved vision of an already-established business. Make this decision wisely. At Trifecta, we're up for the challenge. And once we're finished, we think you'll be glad you took the leap of faith with us.