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Avoiding Complacency with Your Service Offerings

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Maximizing Client Value: The Importance of Exploring Service Offerings

Value each client. If you have multiple service offerings, make sure you explore all the different ways you can help each client. After all, it costs money to obtain a new client, so it's worth making sure that you make the most of each one along the way.

It's better for the client, too. It saves them time and helps maintain consistency across whatever service you're providing. For example, Trifecta clients who use us for web design also like to use us for logo design, print design, etc.

You've spent a lot of time and energy in creating your service offerings - don't forget to offer them to your clients. In theory, failing to do this sounds like madness, but it's more common than you might think. The reason is usually a lack of communication. You're busy. Your clients are busy. Time passes, and you for get to suggest what you know they may need.

The secret is to get organized. Plan to make an honest assessment of each client you encounter, noting services they may not be asking for currently but may need down the road. Make your service offerings known on the front end, but follow up with good communication later in the relationship.

The extra effort can go a long way in transforming a one-time client (or a one-service client) into one that relies on your business for multiple services. And that's the kind of pattern that can improve your company's short-term bottom line, as well as its long-term customer loyalty - a win on all counts.