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Billboard Sales and Design

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One thing about billboard ads: people see them. Some are clever and creative, while others are forgettable or downright offensive. Due to their size and placement (usually along heavily traveled roadways) they reach a lot of consumers every day.

Daily commuters may see the same billboard over and over again during its life cycle, providing the advertiser the benefit of repetition. Those same roads, however, are traversed by people who may see the billboard sign only once, though, necessitating a billboard advertising design that is catchy enough to work on consumers who may see the ad only once (and quite quickly, at that).

Let's face it. Traditional media is struggling to cut through the clutter and avoid being tuned out by tech-hopping consumers. Billboard advertising is high-impact, and unlike with ads delivered via electronic means, they cannot be unplugged or otherwise shunted aside.

The goal with outdoor billboards can be as simple as announcing the physical location of your business. On the other hand, billboards may be used to help establish brands through the use of thoughtful and imaginative campaigns. In short, with a billboard, there is the potential to merge advertising with art, a message with a memorable delivery method.