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All web hosting is not created equal.

As a Lexington based web hosting company, we work in your time zone, speak your language, and understand the community where you are conducting business. We can be met face-to-face, in real time, which saves time, money, and headaches during times of collaboration or crisis. Plus, we simply have more services physically available whenever the need arises.

Did you know that many "big box" hosting providers cap your website's bandwidth? Your website might load quickly in your backyard, but how about across the country - or the world? Our bandwidth is superior to most basic "big box" plans, so your website gets delivered quickly and efficiently.

No matter what any web developer or web hosting provider tells you, there is a chance that your website can be hacked. If your website is hacked, what would be your plan of action to resolve it? How much would you have to pay someone to restore your website back to working order and repair the security holes the hackers exposed? We actively monitor the security of your website and keep server upgrades current to prevent hackers from taking advantage of many vulnerabilities in your website.

Probably the best peace of mind Trifecta! can offer for your website is nightly backups. We back up your website every single night, and keep weeks worth of versions of your site on file for easy retrieval. This gives us an edge that many web hosting providers can't provide.

Imagine that you accidentally deleted a vital web file on Tuesday, but didn't realize it until Friday. Wouldn't it be nice if you could restore your website to the state it was in on Tuesday? Of course it would. Unfortunately, many web hosting providers don't offer backup services, let alone DAILY backup services.



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