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Word to the Wise

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Businesses use pictures. Businesses use logos. Businesses use videos. All of these are important tools of communication and marketing. But make no mistake, much of what determines whether your business will succeed or fail depends on the words you use.

Words alert the public to your business's existence, product offerings and policies. One cornerstone to any company seeking longevity is customer service, and the words your employees use are as important as any services you offer. Well-chosen words support communication, ensuring that customers better understand your philosophy as a business owner. Words don't have to be fancy to be effective; they just need to be understood.

As an exercise, take a quick inventory of how your business currently uses words and whether or not they are adequate and compelling. Think about what these aspects of your company say to potential and existing customers:

1.) The company name 2.) The company slogan on business cards and signs 3.) The copy used in print, video or other multimedia advertisements 4.) The posts made in social media, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn 5.) The language used in presentation software, like PowerPoint 6.) The content of a website or blog 7.) The newsletter (whether printed, emailed or both) 8.) The receipts and policy sheets given to customers post-transaction

If your company needs help in any of these areas, Trifecta can help. We are a full-service design, development and marketing company, with years of experience translating business ideas and philosophies into sharply focused language, crafted to maximize communication and business potential.