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Why Wait for Windows 8

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If you own a business (large or small) and you rely on computing to some degree in order to run your business effectively, the news of Microsoft releasing a new operating system probably should command your attention.

First of all, anyone who has been slow to upgrade past XP or Vista should hold tight until Windows 8 arrives. While it's true that Windows 7 definitely outclasses the previous two Microsoft OS offerings, with a new OS so close to release, it makes better financial sense to wait it out and get the new one.

Why is that? Simply put, it will be a bigger leap forward, as Microsoft has embraced what we have all come to love about mobile phone browsing and applied it to an OS that will run on desktops, laptops, and tablets (possibly even on some phones). For the tech enthusiasts, the news that Windows has finally embraced low-powered ARM systems and directly integrated SkyDrive storage is a bonus, as well.

With a fast boot up time and the ability to run legacy systems and more easily troubleshoot current system issues, Windows 8 should be worth the wait. Expect it in stores this fall and (unless your business runs on Macs) plan your next PC moves accordingly.