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What Makes Good Website Content

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Even for willing companies, sometimes it is difficult to decide what type of content works best for the business model. Since content takes time and money to develop, having a plan makes sense, especially given the tricky nature of measuring the success of a content campaign.

Did your sales go up when you started posting to Facebook everyday? Maybe, maybe not. The same is true for your News section on the front of your website. It may be doing exactly what it needs to do, but it can be frustrating to get a handle on the precise results. A quick search on the internet yields some methods of measuring ROI, but the business owner ends up being the arbiter of how well money is being spent.

First of all, make sure that the content is engaging. If it doesn't interest you as the owner, chances are it won't interest anyone else, either. Once that hurdle is cleared, ask yourself whether someone besides yourself would be interested and why. A lot of people gather friends and fans through social media tools, but some of that is simple network back scratching. Moving friends and fans to the point of reading, becoming engaged and actually using/participating is what you want, and to achieve that, you need compelling content and an understanding of your customer base.

Some people go crazy over coupons and sales. Some people are drawn in by the voice a company develops through social media and blog posts. Others like contests and in-person events. All of these are worthy avenues of content, and each business owner should explore them to see what works best. Probably all of them will.