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Let Trifecta Create Your ADA Compliant Website

Filed under: Website Features

Are you intimidated by ADA compliance regulations? Does the thought of addressing it with your own website feel like trying to hit a moving target? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses and organizations have expressed their own concerns about becoming ADA compliant during their meetings with us here at Trifecta.

Thankfully, we can help. While it's true that best practices are constantly evolving, this is actually a good thing since it helps more users engage with your website in a relaxed and productive manner. So while you may not know exactly where to begin, we can help guide you through your website project in a manner that addresses ADA goals.

At its core, ADA compliance for websites involves a number of requirements that help those with disabilities access websites. And while some entities are under a legal obligation to make these accommodations, the truth is that everyone should cover the basics for the general good of their community (and for the sake of brand reputation, if nothing else).

Trifecta makes it easy by helping you implement Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These accessibility principles take a common sense approach to a complicated topic, which helps everyone achieve the overall goal of better access for more users.

So embrace the added features of an ADA compliant website and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that an industry leader is partnering with you to reach your website goals.