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Trifecta a Proud Member of Local First Lexington

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Local First Lexington is as much about maintaining and expanding Lexington's economy as it is about supporting its local businesses. In truth, the two are inseparable. That's why so many of Lexington's independent businesses have banded together to promote local activities, initiatives and offerings of all varieties.

As Local First Lexington joined the ranks on Facebook yesterday, their info statement summed up the group's philosophy:

"We promote locally-headquartered Lexington businesses. We believe that choosing to put our local dollars into local business makes us happier, healthier, and more comfortable local Lexingtonians. We have mounds of research to back this up."

"Many social scientists, economists, and Local First Lexington believe that making the choice to purchase goods and services from locally-headquartered businesses is a significant investment in our local Lexington community and economy. It is our mission to promote local business and educate the community as to why and how shopping locally enhances our community, enriches our economy, and improves our quality of life."

Trifecta is proud of its association with Local First Lexington and is always ready to discuss new ways to promote all things local. We love Lexington, its people and its history-its future is secured through the hard work, dedication and reciprocal support by its citizens.