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The Value of Copy Editing

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Writing is not like speaking. When we speak, we don't use commas. We don't spell. We don't weigh each word carefully to make sure it says exactly what we want it to. We get by on giving the gist. We fall back on body language and tone of voice. We say, "You know what I mean," because we can't say what we mean.

Mistakes Are Embarrassing There is a difference between speaking and writing. If it is to be effective, your business writing must be clear in its expression. It must also be absolutely free of errors-and the rules of grammar and punctuation are often counterintuitive. A decade of working in the field has taught Trifecta that microscopic attention to detail is as essential to building a paragraph as it is to building an automobile.

Because you're only one typographical error away from an embarrassing mistake, let Trifecta clean up your copy, check your spelling, weigh each word, and put the semicolons and apostrophes in the right places.

Whatever medium you're in, we help you say it better.