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The Essence of Street Fair Season

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During the warm summer months, Lexington is abuzz with outdoor activity. One of the top draws is always the good ol' fashioned street fair. Southland Drive ushered in some new bike lanes with a street fair back at the beginning of May.

In all honesty, Lexington has been a dangerous bike community for a long time, and the recent improvements in bike lane infrastructure are cause for celebration. Safer bike lanes will help increase overall bike usage. We probably all know people who have been hurt (or worse) while biking in this town, and minimizing future accidents is a great priority for a progressive city.

Back to street fairs ... Mother's Day was enhanced by Mayfest over in Gratz Park. You just can't beat a little pirate ship action amongst a group of four-year-olds, I'm telling ya. That and some great music, food trucks, and vendors galore.

For several years now, the Chevy Chase street fair has helped us beat the heat of August with some cold beer and ice cream (some tasty hot food, too). Last year, we had a block party on Jefferson, too. Kids, pets, food, the great outdoors ... you may even run into some friends and put down ye olde important smartphone for a few minutes.

Street fairs ... outdoor drinking on a sunny day ...yes, please.