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The Discipline of Good Design

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Good design doesn't happen easily. It may seem like the less-is-more approach is an easy path, but it requires a lot of discipline to maintain the path throughout the design process.

Take website design as an example. When plans are first made, It's usually relatively simple to get everyone to agree on a clean look; however, once the details begin to be finalized, it isn't unusual for the client to start wanting to add bells and whistles that may seem like a good idea in theory but can wreck the entire design aesthetic.

Sorry, but it's true.

So, are the clients bad people? Certainly not! It's easy to come up with misguided ideas in the midst of making important design decisions. And people who don't spend their time designing all day long may not see the big picture (or the errant direction that is being charted) by one new move here or there.

That's why you need to obtain a reliable design team for your website project, one that can rely on past experience to help you achieve the results you actually want and avoid the possible pitfalls along the way. Trifecta is that kind of design company.

Let us help you, won't you?