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Taking Lessons from the Big Guys

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There has been a fair amount of fuss recently about Google's activities. Depending on your perspective, Google is either becoming better integrated or morphing into a feared cyber bully.

The fact that I even paused before writing this blog demonstrates the power Google is perceived to have. Since Google doesn't exactly open its search engine ranking habits and policies to the masses, that cloak of secrecy has always loomed as a potential threat to any critics. So, Google, if you're listening, we still love you, okay?

Back to my original thought, though, if people feel like they're being forced into using Google+ even if they don't want to use it, that's eventually going to erode some of Google's outstanding reputation.

This lesson can be noticed and applied to our own businesses. Do you have a policy that is consistently unpopular with your customer base? Do you lose customers because you refuse to provide a service they have come to expect in your industry?

Almost all of us are guilty of this on some level, and it's worth the time to reflect on it and decide whether your current business approach could use a second look. It isn't the weak company that admits when it's wrong; it's the evolving one.

Choose to evolve.