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Summer Again

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How do you feel about summer vacation? Some people feel it's unnecessary, while others feel it's essential. Particularly folks with kids will have a strong opinion.

Maybe year-round school is a good idea or maybe the kids don't get enough of a break. Everyone has a theory, it seems.

With the season of summer just now beginning, it's worth noting that school's summer break has been going on for weeks and will actually end more than a month before summer (the season) ends.

Why aren't these two synched up better? Planting and harvesting of yore? Tradition? Another side effect of daylight savings time? The Monday after public school let out (June 1st) was cold and rainy. Kind of puzzling why we don't go ahead and make summer break a true summer event.

And what about adults and summer? Do you always take vacation days in the summer? What do you like to do? Travel? Laze in the park or backyard? A little of both?

So anyway, this all begs the question: does anyone have a photo of the old water slide on Wilhite Drive in Lexington? If so, please send it to us at [email protected]. Thanks in advance for your amazing find! Here's hoping.