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Scratching the Three-Year Website Itch

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No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't do a business owner any favors to gloss over financial realities. Let's face facts: It's better to be prepared than to be blindsided. And when it comes to websites, they simply cannot last as long as we'd all like them to last.

Sure, some of them, if designed well, can last longer than others. And while some businesses don't take much of a customer hit from outdated designs (I'd probably let my auto mechanic slide by with a slightly dated site, for example), most businesses and organizations lose their professional appearance by not maintaining a modern web presence.

Once upon a time, when businesses finally realized that purchasing a website design and making sure it was hosted and online truly was essential, the hope amongst many was that once built, you could "set it and forget it."

The truth is that technology has built upon itself exponentially in the past few years, and opportunities for business abound in all corners of the Internet. Taking anything less than a proactive approach to your company's connection to the web is myopic and (frankly) reckless.

So let's just start out very conservative here and recommend that anyone with a website that is more than three years old should take a long, hard look at its performance. Think about it from a user perspective (particularly a mobile user) and ask your trusted IT partner to analyze it from a security standpoint.

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