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Sad You Weren't Ready for Cyber Monday?

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Are you in retail or operating another business model that lends itself to the sale of products or merchandise? Even if merch could simply account for an additional revenue stream to your main line, wouldn't it be worth it to set it up?

By launching an online store, you have very little to lose. Do it right and you establish another credible, tech-friendly presence in the commercial world. You also satisfy whatever customer demand there is without having to staff a brick and mortar. You only spend time fulfilling orders as they arrive, which keeps the labor investment in check.

Three days ago, thousands of businesses raked in sales during Cyber Monday. From national chain stores to your favorite local shops, online cash registers were ringing as people began to acquire their holiday gifts.

If you would like to get into the act and add eCommerce to your existing website (or wish to offer eCommerce along with your next website design) Trifecta can help you achieve this with precision and style. Drop us a line.