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Next Entrepreneurs of Lexington, KY

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Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs: Insights from Mashable's Article

Mashable published an article earlier today written by Jim Aberman on ways to nurture young entrepreneurs. In it, Aberman offers four pieces of advice, and this comes from someone with a successful entrepreneur for a son.

In summary, Aberman believes that a burgeoning child entrepreneur needs to be challenged, supported, allowed to pursue a passion and shown by example. The article raises excellent points about the exciting (yet risky) nature of life as an entrepreneur, as opposed to life as a business or medical professional. While it may be tempting to push a tech-savvy child into testing the internet's boom possibilities, the busts far outweigh the booms, and even successful entrepreneurs typically fail multiple times along the way. In other words, get ready for a bit of a roller coaster ride from an earnings standpoint.

Supposing you live in central Kentucky, there is a resource available to the young and aspiring entrepreneur in your family. The University of Kentucky has an EClub (Entrepreneurship Club), and it helps students explore the subject while also providing support and connections to various local resources in Lexington. Numerous websites and web applications have been fostered under the EClub, making it a nice breeding ground for young men and women with new web ideas.