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Maybe, Baby

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May Means Horses and Hats: The Kentucky Derby

The merry, merry month of May is on, people. For us folks here in Kentucky, you can't talk May without talking horses (and more specifically) the Derby. It's a day all about fashion (hats!), mixed drinks, and pretending you have some kind of birth-righted insight into the running potential of some four-legged, three-year-old horse critters.

And the great thing about it is you get to do it all over again two weeks later for the Preakness. Not quite as hard and heavy (and definitely not as locally) but still ... there's that hope that maybe some day there will be another triple crown horse. This year, we had the favorite win the Derby, trailed closely by several legitimate rivals, which sets up for an awesome Preakness if they all decide to go to Baltimore.

And maybe, just maybe, baby, you'll hit a Trifecta! (contractually obligated plug). Glug, glug.

So how do you decide about your horse? Color? Do you check its paddock dance right before the race? First-time Lasix? Whatever method you use, just remember that it's guaranteed to work sometimes and not others.