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Maximizing Merch for Small Business

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Boost Your Brand with Company Merchandise

One great reason to add company merch to your product offerings is the potential for generating a supplemental revenue stream. Depending on how well your business is positioned in the community, people are happy and proud to declare their support for your business by wearing hats and t-shirts, as well as using bumper stickers on their cars.

Not only that, the subsequent benefits are obvious. Once sold, the merch equates to free advertising, and every time someone wears a t-shirt or drives a car, your company's brand is extending into the community in the best sort of way-through a ringing endorsement of one of your customers.

Now that you know the value for good merch, take a step back and plan accordingly. Is your logo updated? Is the font snappy enough? Could the color palette use a little update? Do you have a slogan and is it relevant and fun? Taking care of these issues prior to embarking on a self-promoting merchandise campaign is essential. And at Trifecta, we specialize in all types of merch designs, so let us partner with you on this aspect of your business, as well. It could increase your business's overall appeal in surprisingly beneficial ways.