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Living in the Now: How to Market in 2013

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Embracing Real-Time Marketing: Connecting with Your Audience in a Digital Age

Like it or not (and believe me, you better embrace it either way) your audience is increasingly becoming accustomed to real-time marketing via everything from TV to social media. Not only that, technology is rapidly deploying to sever the traditional marketing ties that bind us to our favorite entertainment devices.

For example, your customers are skipping over commercials on television, scanning past ad banners on websites, and flat out not opening uninvited emails. Many of them aren't even seeing the marketing tools they signed up to see, like your posts on Facebook, newsletters, coupons, and tweets. Some of it is a factor of customers not having enough of time, and some of it is technologically induced.

That makes it all the more important to participate regularly and frequently in the ongoing timeline of social marketing. Develop a voice for your posts that is true to your brand and allows people to know there is a vital humanity behind your business. (After all, business is nothing without the good people who drive it.)

If your business is large, you may need to consider communication channels. Who needs to be consulted before posting? Which departments may have relevant content ideas that need to be considered within the flow of communication?

And finally, don't be afraid to let your company's voice be heard on timely (particularly local) topics. One main goal is to inspire loyalty by becoming a trusted local voice, and commenting positively on issues and news that is important to your target customers goes a long way in achieving that goal.

Once you have your plan and people in place, you're ready to take your message to the people. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... anywhere you find your audience engaged and active in sufficient numbers.