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Knowing Where the Competition Is Beating You

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Staying Ahead: Using Competition Analysis to Inform Your SEO Strategy

Sometimes when companies consider their SEO strategies, they do a great job at looking inward and figuring out where they have strengths and weaknesses, but they don't take the extra step and check up on their competition. As with any business, you can learn a lot by paying attention to others within your field. And some frank assessment allows the smart business owner to take away information and use it to compete better in the future.

Do you have a competitor enjoying the success you'd like to be having with various keywords? Or is it more of a case where your business controls one set of keywords and the competition controls a different set? More times than not, there are reasons for the differences found in search results. What you want to assess and control is whether your business is doing well with the most popular searches and whether you would like to shift your focus to a different set of keywords.

This change can be made through various SEO channels, but you need to make sure your SEO team is aware of the targeted goal. If you have a blog, make sure to cover it with your keyword targets. Check the wording of your website and dedicate a separate page to any keywords you hope to capture. Circulate your related content through social media channels-this has both an SEO impact and a traditional word-of-mouth marketing impact.

These types of changes really affect where your website stacks up in search results. Knowing where your competition is succeeding is a good piece of information to know, and it helps you set new SEO goals that genuinely matter. With new information and fresh goals, you have a clear objective and the tools of implementation. All you're lacking now is the freshly written content and an experienced SEO hand to maximize the results. At Trifecta, we can help with both, so give us a ring if you have any questions about your own business.