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Keeping Employees As Your Small Business Grows

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So you have your business up off the ground and you're starting to grow and expand. Congratulations! Lexington is a great place to start a business, and we're glad you're out there scrapping with the likes of us.

But here's the bad news: growing isn't easy. It takes financial agility, people skills, and a real knack for time management. And even when things are going well, you have to stop and take the pulse of your internal culture to make sure nothing is being lost in the process.

And by that we mean, you don't want the work environment to become so stressful that you start to lose the people who helped you grow in the first place. You also don't want to pile on so much work that you cease to reap the rewards of creativity and innovation.

In fact, it becomes even more important to share the credit, as well as the stakes with those who work with you. Ultimately, people want more than ping-pong tables at the office-they want efficiency and support so that they can go play at home from time to time, too.

It would be a lie to say that running a small business is likely to be a balanced endeavor (you're gonna be working your can off). But it can be rewarding and worthwhile, which is great news for all of you budding entrereneurs.