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Is Your Website Responsive?

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Chances are, if your website is even a year old, it's not. This is important because responsive websites are built to "respond" to different devices that access them. For example, smartphones and tablets see a full view of the website and require minimal left-right scrolling.

With the recent spike in Internet access via means other than desktop computers and laptops, responsive web design has become a very important characteristic in modern web development. Since Trifecta was on the front end of adapting to this development style, we have amassed quite a bit of experience in implementing responsiveness into our web designs.

A responsive web design also eliminates the need to produce a second, expensive website built just for mobile. While in certain circumstances (for specialized businesses), the extra effort and expense may be necessary, almost all businesses can achieve their desired web goals within the parameters of one responsive website.

If you are interested in building a new website or have questions about the details surrounding responsive web design, please contact us today. We're always happy to discuss your options with you.