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How LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

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According to LinkedIn, over two million companies have added LinkedIn company pages since the website launched in 2003. In that time, the company has distinguished itself as the leading professional networking tool on the Internet, even going public last year on the NYSE.

For those who may not know already, LinkedIn has a variety of business uses. For one, companies use LinkedIn for hiring. Not only can jobs be listed and marketed to a captive (and generally educated) audience, but you can take an active role, as well, by searching for an employee amongst LinkedIn's 150 million members. Plus, it's another vehicle for making a good impression with prospective employees by keeping your company profile up to date and relevant.

And just this week, LinkedIn has announced a plan to roll out a "follow" button that will allow users to follow your company. As a reward to those who choose to follow your company, keep them engaged with industry-related news and tips, as well as the latest business headlines from your company. While LinkedIn may be the stiffest of the obligatory social media environments, its all-business vibe is also its strength, engendering a trustworthy environment where real business communication is achievable.