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How Are Users Accessing Your Website?

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Those who have been running a business for a while probably have had a website for about the same amount of time. For some, that means that web content has been available for years to users everywhere.

But here's a question you may not have considered: How are users accessing your website?

For years, the answer was easy. Most people used desktop computers, and some people used laptops, but it wasn't hard to figure user habits, devices, and screen sizes.

With the surge in smartphone and tablet use in recent years, however, user habits have changed. In fact, it's likely that your website is now being accessed a majority of the time from mobile devices.

So take a step back and consider the following questions. Is your website designed to handle traffic from smartphones and tablets? Does the content you originally created for users on desktop computers still make sense in the mobile age?

Chances are that if your website wasn't created with mobile users in mind, then it's time for an upgrade. Trifecta can help you with that and give you a design upgrade in the process. Give us a call next week and find out more about our website design services.