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Google's Secrets To Success

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The American Customer Satisfaction Index and analytics firm ForeSee Results released its 2011 E-Business report this week, finding Google leading other search engines in customer satisfaction. Bing was rated second, narrowing the gap between itself and top rival Google.

How does Google stay on top? First, it has always concentrated on its users. Though that may be tested over the coming years by stockholder influence, Google's reputation and early success rested on its staunch belief in improving the user experience. People noticed, and loyalty was built. This philosophy carries over nicely into any industry. As those who run local businesses know better than their corporate counterparts, the customer always should be #1. What that means is delivering the right services at the right price in a pleasant atmosphere. Repeatedly, Google has put that into practice by releasing basic products and services, modified over time as customer feedback develops.

To learn more about Google's success, look within the company itself. Its employees have benefited from innovative and flexible policies, rich with features that make it clear Google wants to keep its people. By hiring top-level workers with the intent to use the talent to keep itself on top, Google has eschewed the corporate trend of inviting employee turnover. This concept also translates well into small business success. Your employees are the ones who interact with customers, and we already established that customers are the top priority. Happy employees and a pleasant work atmosphere are tangible environmental factors that help determine a customer's overall experience. As Google has shown, taking care of the customer (and those who take care of the customer) is an effective route to business success.