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Freeing the Food Trucks in Lexington

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One of our favorite parts of our business is participating in the local community and interacting with those who make it what it is. And as basically lifelong Lexingtonians, we take pride in our community, have firm roots established here, and certainly want to throw our support behind cultural and business trends that we feel are making Lexington an even better place to live.

There have been few local commerce topics hotter than food carts lately, and the reasons are pretty clear. For the local government, this is new territory requiring research studies and legislation in order to lay a safe and organized foundation on which the food carts may thrive. The trick has been that the government has been perceived as slow to react to the food cart movement, which is not a huge surprise.

What is worse, though, is the idea that government and brick and mortar restaurants have willingly impeded the process of local entrepreneurs attempting to bring Lexington what other cities and college towns have been enjoying for years. The Bluegrass Food Truck Association was launched as an organizational move on behalf of the food truckers, and public support is strong.

Whether enjoying a burrito made by Taqueria Garcia outside West Sixth Brewery or a delicious wood-baked pizza pie from Hardwood Pizza at Thursday Night Live, our personal experience on the matter is clear-food trucks enhance our experiences and keep us in areas where we're also likely to spend money on other goods and services. They're economic catalysts, as well as enhancements to overall quality of life. And that makes Lexington a better place, which is reason enough for us.

Free the food trucks indeed!