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Expanding Role of Web Designers

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While in the past, it was common protocol to hire a print designer to handle items such as business cards, logos, letterhead, and other printed materials, these tasks now fall to qualified web designers, as well. That is to say, web development and web development teams now encompass more than just all things related to the Internet.

For years, businesses have honed their images on the web, via websites, social media platforms, and (more recently) mobile apps. As these forms of branding and marketing have become increasingly important and relied upon, it is now imperative for businesses to make sure they hire a web development team with a creative, reliable graphic artist. Gone are the days when it was okay for a code expert to crank out some graphics as an afterthought to the backend. Now the visuals that are developed for websites and social media outlets may constitute the first impression seen by potential customers.

So what about the old print mediums? These remain an important part of a company's look and feel, as well. The trick is making sure that all of these visuals form a cohesive, consistent whole, which is best achieved through a web development company (like ahem Trifecta, for example) where all of these formats can be produced through a single design department. Now your business cards, letterhead, brochures, print ads, car decals, and billboards will mesh seamlessly with your website, mobile apps and social media presence. And that makes for an effective branding campaign, maximizing your company's positive impressions and customer leads.