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Easy-To-Use Analytics for Business

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More website owners utilize Google Analytics than any other web statistics service, which is one reason we add it to websites we build, host, and maintain. Not only is it reliable, proven, and powerful, Google Analytics is loaded with features that help businesses track and convert customers.

Employing page tags running off a tiny bit of JavaScript code, this product provides a vast amount of information, just in the basic (free) version alone. The power unlocked by G.A. tells website owners what users are reacting to and what they're ignoring. Not only that, it compiles user information of just about all types that can be gleaned through searches and clicks.

Equipped with a straightforward and easy-to-manage dashboard, website owners of all levels can operate Google Analytics almost instantly. The intuitive design brings the full power of the application into the owner's hands, ensuring that it's not just a tool that techies can handle.

And we always feel best when our clients are empowered to tackle the technical opportunities ahead of them. That makes Google Analytics an easy tool to support.