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Double Your Web Traffic

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Now there's an intriguing teaser. How exactly can one make a claim like that? Well, for those who have websites that weren't built responsively or with smartphones and tablets in mind, you really do have an opportunity to double the number of users you service in the sense that nearly half of the total web audience is utilizing mobile devices for surfing the Internet.

And so if your website isn't prepared to size appropriately, you're effectively locking out half of your prospective website users. If you're alarmed, you should be. All signs point in the direction of more mobile browsing, which eventually should overtake traditional desktop and laptop usage. When that happens, that means that most people won't be able to do much on an outdated website.

The solution is to utilize responsive web design standards and create a new website that may be accessed quickly and efficiently by all Internet users. Not only will your existing customer base appreciate it, it's quite likely that new customers will be converted easier into existing customers, as well.

Don't delay. Unless you believe the landline is going to make a comeback, most of your customers are going to need to access your website via some type of mobile means. Don't disappoint them-you may never get them back.