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Do not Be A Turkey

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With Thanks giving arriving tomorrow, thoughts turn to turkeys of all varieties. Yes, that's right. Some business owners are turkeys, too.

Don't be a turkey.

Don't be bland. Don't let your message roll off into the land of tired cliches and trite phrases. Spend time on your message and remember that you are communicating with potential (and existing) customers. Bland messages simply arenĀ“t even heard in the noisy marketplace of today. You don't have to shout-you just have to have a little flavor, that's all.

Don't lose your head. Inevitably, there will be tough times in business. Stress piles up and can come out of nowhere, blindsiding you and wasting productive time. You're going to have to deal with it, so you may as well do so in a cool and collected manner. Your employees, coworkers, and customers will all be impressed and thankful if you maintain your poise and handle the tricky situations just like you do the easy ones.

Finally, don't get eaten up over the holidays. If you operate in retail, this applies especially to your situation. This is the time of year when you need to have customers buying your goods. Make sure you keep up with your stock supply and don't let the long hours get you down. Plan for rejuvenating during the off time that you do have, and keep distractions to a minimum.

Enjoy your Thanksgivings, everyone! For those who have good family and/or friends with whom to share it, you really have a lot! Savor the time!