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Dieter Rams: Discretion in Design

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Occasionally, it's nice to take a step back and spotlight some of our favorite designers. We draw inspiration from so many places ... some of it local to Lexington, KY and some of it from global superstars. Today's blog is an example of one from the latter bunch-Dieter Rams.

For those unfamiliar with Rams and his work, he is a German industrial designer who made his name at Braun by designing with the idea of "Less, but better" for the benefit of the user. Consumers agreed, and Braun´s record players and slide projectors became known for their austere beauty. Vitsoe, a British furniture company started in the late 50s, recognized Rams's brilliance, as well, which led to the company issuing a successful line of furniture designed by Rams.

His influence is so widespread today that some people mistake his borrowed designs as some sort of new "modern" aesthetic. An examination of Apple's product line is like a trip through the past to Braun's electronic products of the 1950s.

It's really hard to argue with his design philosophy. Rams's ten principles of good design revolve mainly around achieving something innovative and efficient for the user while doing so with as little fluff as possible. To use another analogy, the fat has been trimmed, and the consumer can enjoy a new purchase quickly and easily, without being confused by a complicated design.

At Trifecta, we endeavor to create websites that are clean, clear, and user-friendly. The design should be cool without being complicated. Fully realized, a website should reveal the pieces that should be there (and nothing more) in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing. Sch�nen dank, Herr Rams.