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Delightful New Lexington Businesses To Enjoy

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Now that local everything has caught fire in this town (our town-Lexington, KY!) we can hardly keep track of all the various foods and beverages we'd like to make a habit out of sampling.

Just a quick note on some for this week. We have two newer ice cream options: Sav's Chill and Pedal Sassy. The former is serving up Valentine's Ice Cream from Winchester, KY and is open at the corner of Maxwell and Lime. Pedal Sassy, on the other hand, can be found at Sidebar Grill downtown and features brand new flavor stylings from Seana O'Neill. Many of the flavors are created with local ingredients and/or alcohol. Yay! Anyway, among other offerings, Sidebar currently has Chocolate Lava, which has spicy jalapenos in it (as well as tequila and chocolate). Can't wait to try it.

Besides the new ice cream choices, we're also very excited to hear Magic Beans is coming back. If you were around in Lexington during the turn of the millennium, you may recall Magic Beans in either South Hill Station (which also housed Yats and CD Central) or at the corner of Maxwell and Woodland. This is serious coffee for people who appreciate a fresh, local roast. Availability is targeted for November 1st, and we're excited as all get out.

Lexington is getting better all the time! Get out there and enjoy it.