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Cool, Cool Water

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At the time of writing this entry, I can see by my Facebook feed that a lot of you are out enjoying a good time by the water. Some are at the beach. Some are the lake. Some are just dunking their feet in the kiddie pool out back.

No matter how you may be doing it, the bottom line is that warm weather and waterfront fun go hand in hand. While Lexington isn't exactly convenient to any oceans, most of us know how to blaze down I-75 South and I-65 South (or even I-64 East leading to the Carolinas).

Kentucky's lakes provide much quicker and easier access to the waterfront. Whether you decide to go camping or rent a cabin, there are many ways to enjoy the fresh water-kayaking, canoeing, swimming, jet skiing, fishing, and more.

Getting in touch with the water is good for the soul. It can help settle you down and provide much needed relaxation away from daily stress. Plus, it's a great natural way to beat the heat.

Don't let the summer go by without taking a dip yourself. You'll be glad you did.

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