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Catch a Wave and Surf Your Own Website

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Novel idea, right? But we bring this up occasionally for a variety of reasons. It's really important (every once in a while) to take a step back and attempt to view your own website through the eyes of the average user.

If you're planning a new website, check out your current one and be honest about what you see. What you like about it can be transferred over to the new website; on the other hand, wherever your current site is lacking represents an opportunity for change. Make notes and plan accordingly when you communicate your goals for the new incarnation.

Alternatively, if you have a new website, that doesn't mean you turn a blind eye to the user experience. Sometimes problems come along, no matter the age or quality of the site. Websites are best when they receive proper updates over time. Information needs to be kept accurate, whether it's store hours or employee lists and contact information. When's the last time you did a sweep to check for general content accuracy?

And once you establish that the current content is correct, you may also find that certain other information needs to be added. Businesses change all the time, and websites need to be updated to reflect what's truly happening. And even if you don't have new product offerings, you still may identify potential aspects of the website that could be established or improved.

The key is to take time to look at your site. It doesn't have to take long, but it can reveal your best next use of time on your website.