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Branding Tools for Your Business, Part I

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Are you covering all the possibilities for extending your business's brand to its outer reaches? Some tools are obvious, but some require a little more forethought, ingenuity or creativity to put into effect.

Most likely, a considerable amount of time and consideration went into choosing a name for your business. Likewise, the design for your company logo should be undertaken with equal care and planning. A professional logo helps ensure that a customer's first impression is a good impression. A really good logo can do something even more interesting-that is, attract customers who may or may not even need services, just because they want to be associated with the business behind the cool logo. Don't sell short the power of a strong logo.

Once you have a name and a logo, you have an opportunity to market your services. A great starting point is printing up business cards. Make sure to include all of your pertinent contact information, as well as your logo and a quick description of service or memorable tag line. Maybe even add a QR code to maximize the value of the card.

Part II -- Next Week