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Being Thankful Comes Easy

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When you build a business from nothing, being thankful really isn't that difficult. It's a natural state of mind.

Looking back several years ago when we were looking for our first clients, we could not have foreseen how quickly we would be embraced and accepted by the Lexington business community. It's gratifying, humbling, and inspires us to reach new levels of service each day.

Fortunately, we occupy a segment in the tech industry, probably the most ever-changing aspect of our economic landscape, so our opportunities to grow, learn, and expand are limited only by imagination and desire. And given how invigorated we are by what we do, it's easy to see ourselves doing this for a very long time indeed.

Now, here we are in November 2013, and we have moved into cozy new quarters on Jefferson Street in downtown Lexington. It never would have been possible without the trust and confidence placed in us by our clients. So today on Thanksgiving Eve we say, "Thank you!" to everyone we've had the pleasure to service, whether it has been a small website project or a complete company branding overhaul.