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Local Brick & Mortar Website Message

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Technology hasn't passed you by. In fact, we need you now, just as much as ever. For one, even though we realize we can find almost anything on the Internet, we also realize that we prefer to find it locally whenever possible. Without the hassle of paying for shipping and handling, we keep our dollars in town, support a local business, and actually obtain a good or service without having to wait several days of turnaround time.

What we also realize, though, is that local brick and mortars need the Internet, too. It doesn't matter whether you offer your products online or not-there are still some basic expectations your customers have that need to be fulfilled online.

For example, you really should have a website. Gone are the days when websites were sometimes merely garish ego strokers, places where businesses postured and trotted out elaborate flash intros with musical interludes. Today, websites need to look professional, convey messages clearly, and be user-intuitive. Anything else is annoying and wastes the customer's precious time.

What you get in return is an ever-present marketing vehicle that (through the use of SEO) can be found by those searching for appropriate keywords. If done well, this converts users into customers and positions your business in front of a receptive audience. What you also get is a communication piece-one that directs customers to your brick and mortar address and supplies commonly used information, such as your business phone line number.

In short, this is marketing support for your local business. Where you spent money in the past on yellow page listings and newspaper ads should now be converted into a little investment in an Internet presence that will pay for itself over and over again.