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2011 Recap for Trifecta Agency

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We designed some small items in 2011. Stickers, business cards, and brochures were among the handheld items we produced during this calendar year. Though small in size, these projects are always fun because they carry just as much impact as larger designs when completed correctly. It may be a challenge to be efficient with space and message, but we thrive on testing our creative skills each day. That's why we do what we do!

We designed some larger items in 2011, too. Billboards, signs, and business marquees are just a few of the larger items we designed in the past twelve months. A savvy businessperson will tell you-always hire an experienced designer for large signage. After all, there's just no missing a giant-sized mistake, both from a marketing perspective, as well as a financial perspective.

Last but not least, we designed some techy items, too. Trifecta entered the world of app building for Android and iPhone. Staying up with technological trends is key in more fields than ever, and apps help entities of all varieties maintain connection with younger demographics.

We won an ADDY for our efforts, as well. We're honored by that award and even more honored by the faith shown by our clients. Here's to a great 2011 and an even better 2012 for one and all!